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Remember… Imagine…. Create

on January 6, 2013

I see my children and I see the kindness that is just natural to them. The freedom to giggle with out reservation. A child doesn’t have a malicious bone in their tiny growing bodies. All intents and purposes are very simplistic. The love and concern for one another is genuine. No plotting for revenge takes place when Baby A takes Baby B’s toy, its taken care of right there and then and in most cases the result is just that Baby B goes and grabs another toy. Without even a shoulder shrug or a cry out of frustration.

Kisses and hugs are given freely with no mind paid to what ‘others’ may think or if the social world would be okay. Affection is just affection nothing so complicated. When does life begin to become so complicated? At what stage does the world, with so many possibilities become such a scary, cruel place?

I guess that suddenly we just close our minds to the natural humanity we are born with. At some point empathy is a distant memory and creativity becomes a waste of time, impractical.

Our ability to imagine, to dream should be cultivated and cherished. Practicality by no means should be ignored but rather then replacing the wild ideals a young mind is capable of it should be that they are an addition to the creative mind. Just another reference to turn to when imagining the great things a young, open mind imagines. We become stunted and convoluted with such nasty judgments and social restrictions that we destroy the very part of us that helps build our happy demeanor. Therefore we become tired, lazy, unhappy and even depressed. You know all that imagination is in us for a reason.

Lets vow not to loose it, instead lets cultivate it. Feed and water it like a plant so it can grow into the what it once was, so we are able to see the endless possibilities that are truly present. Read a book, write a story, poem, sing a song, dance like tomorrow will never come , take a lesson from the carefree children that surround you. LET LOOSE!


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