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on January 12, 2013

I enjoyed this entry very much by British Asian Mum. Rape isn’t just India’s problem and it is very sad that people have a habit of pointing fingers at one culture or one place rather then taking a look in their proverbial back yard.

Rape, molestation, crime’s of all types, famine, poverty, child abuse, prejudices and the many other issues seen on the news aren’t one places issue or one races issue they are EVERYWHERE, EVERYONE issues.

British Asian Woman

*Trigger warning* This post contains potentially disturbing material of rape

Picture the scene. A woman in a bar. Dressed up for a night out, drinking and having fun. A group of men at the other side spot her. She leaves her drink on the table with her friend and goes to the toilet. She comes back and finishes the drink. Gradually she becomes more and more giddy, as if going under an anaesthetic.

She wakes up in hospital with sharp stabbing pains in her groin and pelvic area. Her legs and arms are covered in bruises. Her left eye is so badly swollen she can barely see out of it. She has no recollection of the night before, what happened to her or how she ended up in hospital.

It transpires that her drink had been spiked. She was taken outside and gang raped by the group of men that…

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