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on January 12, 2013


As subjects go that we shy away from Religion has to be at the top or maybe just under politics. Mostly because passions run high and people in general have no aptitude for discussion. They confuse discussing a subject with arguing. Most resort to name calling, foul language and the like. Its not pretty and I’ve seen it so many times. Oh and most aren’t able to admit when they truly just ‘don’t know’ an answer to a question, rather they attempt to fight for something that they have no adequate knowledge of.

Being a parent consumes my life, being a good parent and providing a solid foundation is my main goal. Most are of the opinion part of that foundation should consist of a religious doctrine. I am not, not a fan of organized religion. I am undecided about some things but one I am sure of is a god must exist I just don’t understand his reasoning.

I was raised Jehovah’s Witness, oh yea let the comments fly. As a whole I agree with the moral base and I believe in the god they hold on high. However much I don’t understand and I yet to find some one who consistently wants to deal with my doubts and questions. Its not a cult and no not everyone whom profess to be followers of the faith follow as they should. Truly isn’t that most things and most people? How many Catholics do you know who actually follow they rules as they claim? Not that some don’t but just be honest with yourself instead of throwing stones.

I am looking, searching for the religious cornerstone of my foundation for bringing up baby, to build upon for my children. I am having such a difficult time with it.

Three main religions grasp my attention. Islam, Judaism and my old faithful of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Islam is a beautiful religion filled with such wonder for the outsider. I am VERY interested. The modesty, the treatment of women (when practiced as intended) and the tolerant attitude. As I mentioned above not every one whom claim a religion truly follows as intended. I don’t have a full understanding of it in its entirety. I am in no place to judge or fling stone. There are extremists everywhere and with everything.

I however am interested in the doctrine, way of life and all included. I don’t work well on just FAITH without understanding. Its my flaw and my strength.

Judaism seems to have more history behind it, more fact but I yet to find someone who is willing to explain to me the ins and outs. The history grabs my attention and has yet to let go of it.

Jehovah’s Witnesses… so many have created a bad image and a great deal I think has to do with the publicity that they received by claiming to be following such an unusual religion. I personally have dealt with the corruption within the organization. No worse or better then in any other organization. However the foundation and the ideals I find wholesome.

I am trying to find a wholesome, moral place to bring up baby with awareness. Creating the best foundation seems to be the hardest part. Not the wake ups, the money troubles but teaching the right way to live. Laying down the right rules and providing something to believe in.

People interpret things differently, live differently and choose differently. Who am I to judge or point fingers. The only person I can control or judge is myself. I wish society truly understood that concept.


5 responses to “Religion

  1. Interesting thoughts. I think giving a kid a foundation is very important. They can essentially choose what they want to believe as they get older, but helping them along the way is a part of parenting. I love my faith. I’m a Mormon. I’m sure being JW, you have heard about the LDS religion….anyway, good luck in your search. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • augustmidge says:

      Yes I have some friends that are LDS as well. I agree with you that in the long run my children will believe what they choose. I encourage that. I encourage them to find a fit that they understand, love and believe in. I have obvious preferences but don’t we all. However like you said setting a foundation is part of parenting and for me I think that its the most stressful part. Its so important and I don’t want to mess-up per-say.

      I just want to do right by them so badly it hurts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Azhar Ali says:

    Very well written. Nice thoughts.

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