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The Cycle Continues

on January 14, 2013


“the best predictor of human behavior is past behavior”


Those who don’t learn from their past are doomed to repeat it, really, who knew.

Yes, that is sarcasm.


You’d think that a simple concept such as this would be very easily understood yet all we tend to do is ‘doom’ ourselves by repeating history. If something doesn’t work why do it again?

“The best predictor of human behavior is past behavior” the truth in this statement is disheartening because human behavior doesn’t seem to give me much hope. This phrase can be applied to everything. Politics, educational system, the big world of finance, and even parenting. The list really goes on and on.

My husband likes to point out how pessimistic I am, and my previous post “I Am a Realist”  shows I am not a pessimist. I just see it as it is. Look at the world, the people in it, not all by any means but the majority has really done nothing but keep the cycle going. The government and war seems to be synonymous haven’t realized that war doesn’t fix anything? All it does is cost money, that isn’t there, create mayhem and take lives. The educational system has made some changes and in some aspects, some improvements. Good schools do exist with worthy education but removing the arts and focusing more on test scores rather then actual education. Haven’t we seen this before. Why are we mistreating those willing to sacrifice comfortability and financial security to teach our children the least we can do is our job. Which leads me to the parenting side of the coin.

Allow me to repeat this blogs ‘phrase of the day’ “The best predictor of human behavior is past behavior.” applying this to parenting isn’t a huge leap its more like a shuffle to the left. A blog that I frequent,  How To Be A Dad, he posted a blog titled Ugliness about the parenting he saw at the park and just as he mentioned he is no one to judge nor am I. I just want to point out the horrible bullying problem do we really not know why. Honestly we learn how to treat others by how we are treated. That’s a whole different blog the point is however why are we continuing the cycle.

When we become a parent. Having a child is a choice! (I understand there are exceptions to the rule, but again another post) We have a decision to make, we need to choose how to bring up our child. Now why would you knowingly continue a cycle of abuse whether it be physical, emotional or otherwise. Are you going to tell me that you aren’t aware how to change? That my friend is total utter BS if I’ve ever heard it.

With all the low cost and/or free assistance available plus the wonderful world of books, and the internet. You have no excuse to do the things you do. Don’t have a computer, fine its called a library.

It maddens me. Parenting skills today make my skin crawl. The worst of it is we can easily predict what will be the fate of these children just by looking at the behavior of the parental figures. Such a sad time we live in and I am doing my part to bring about change it by bringing up my children differently.

Try as I might to hold out hope its hard when the world I see outside my window seems so bleak.


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