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The Soundtrack to My Life

on February 6, 2013

When it comes to music I have a varied taste, I am an eclectic of sorts. I have played musical instruments. I enjoy Classical, Symphonic, Rock, Alternative, Country; the list goes on and on. The categories are countless and new categories pop up everyday. One thing that I’ve noticed is different times in my life has called for a very different soundtracks. Each soundtrack expresses the most prominent emotions at that very moment. My perception of the world around me seeming more hopeful or more bleak depending on the soundtrack that is playing in the background.

Music conveys so many feelings with every note played. Every lyric sung can tell a story that is speaking straight to you. As a young married adult in a very rough situation I remember listening to music that helped me express my anger and frustration for life and the bad situation I found myself in. The music assisted me in expressing my emotions when I could not find an outlet. I swear it keeps you sane.

At this point in my life my children, my family and my goal of providing the best wholesome loving environment possible is best expressed through country music. Thank goodness for country, and lately even some pop has me singing and dancing in the car. Go ahead a giggle, you know you do it to.

When I don’t know how to say it, write it or show it I let the professionals belt it out for me with words and melody that I would have never have found.

I just want to say, thank god for the ability to enjoy music in its wide variety of genres. Thank you for allowing me to appreciate and be exposed to the many types and sounds. THANK YOU for the friends and family that has exposed me to the soundtracks that speak to them and thank you for Stas, my other half, my best friend, my perfect match for being just as eclectic as myself.

Back to my houseful of ugly winter colds and nasty coughs. This to shall pass.


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