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Amazed And So Disgusted!

on February 15, 2013

I am so amazed by the development of my babies. Within the past few weeks our daughter has suddenly been expanding her vocabulary. So many words are beginning to emerge, words she’s heard but never said. Not just random either. She is matching words with items, emotions and thoughts. I can’t get over how unbelievable it is to watch.

Recently another experience has blown my mind and again I am awe struck by my daughters abilities. Here is a conversation we had:

Me: Did you miss your Ly Ly (‘Lie Lie’ is our daughters nick-name for her brother Nikolay)?

Jaciel:  No.

Me: Do you know what ‘missing someone’ means?

Jaciel: No.

Me: Its when you wish someone was with you when they aren’t.

….a little later I asked her again if she missed Nikolay while we were gone, she answered with a very sure ‘yes’.

I love how easy it was for her understand. Its amazing how they so quickly understand complex thoughts. She’s so young yet so bright. So explain to me how people can be so thoughtless when it comes to such amazing little creatures made from there very own genetics. Little people that they’ve held and helped create, helpless babies that only want to be loved and cared for.

My cousin recently saw posted on her facebook about seeing a young girl “… can’t be any older than 13 yrs old and another girl to my left who is also pregnant as can be, she is sorting out a paper bag full of blunt wraps talking on her phone telling the person on the other end how she can’t wait to get out of here so she can smoke a blunt.” really?

While I am sitting here praying and hoping that I raise my children properly and sit in awe of the abilities of such tiny people. Of course I know the reasons, the excuses given. The upbringing lacking in education, love or comfort. The societal view of what is acceptable and what isn’t. However I can’t see past the fact the truly its a choice to raise your child, to care for the unborn baby in the womb with love and care. You choose to be aware of the harm you are doing to not only yourself but the small helpless baby depending on you. How could so many people be so thoughtless, cold hearted, choose to stay ignorant and selfish.

I know I shouldn’t be shocked or probably even disgusted anymore by the stupidity I see around me but I can’t seem to shake it off. Or refrain from being ‘judgemental’ when there are small children, little babies born and unborn being abused by the stupid people having them. It has less to do with age and so much to do with choices made. It hurts my heart.

….stepping down from my soap-box now.


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