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Families are our foundation for the world teaching us the important and the trivial. Our humanity is shaped by the people who we begin our lives with. First our mother the day we feel her warmth straight out of the belly we were conceived in. Love is what we are shown through that first skin to skin contact, the initial latch onto her breast gives us our first look into what affection is. Our humanity is founded upon the experience we have the day we enter this world unknown to us. From then on everything is a lesson hopefully wrapped in a beautiful warm fluffy package filled with attention, kisses, words of affirmation and love.

The village we are raised in shows us the important aspects of life. The very things we strive for to satiate our appetite for eternity is set in front of us. We are lead down the paths to happiness hand in hand by our guardians. These important people have chosen to set out on a career path of teacher and disciplinarian. It is they who show us the meaning of unconditional loving care. Our drivers are our families until the keys are handed over and the steering wheel is ours.

For many years we are only student drivers with our guardians having the important task of knowing when to pull the emergency break and provide us with the direction we need. All of this leads us to the myriad of paths to choose from. Some paved, some worn down by those that tread upon them previously while others are hidden by brush that is yet to be trimmed back by the traveler. That traveler is your child and you are that guardian navigating them towards the endless options.

With this your strengths and your flaws become teaching tools. Text books to refer to, and pull from filled with visual aids and stories aiding you along the way. This career is the most important one ever taken on and there isn’t a degree to prepare you. No classroom professor is able to lecture you in the right and wrong, good or bad tactics to use. There isn’t any tests to be graded or papers to be written nor are there any manuals or cliff notes. Only the tools you have collected while being lead to the path you chose to walk. There isn’t a resume in the world or a cover letter to be read. No one interviews you for the position and not one employer on the planet can decide how you’ll fair doing this job. You are self employed with no salary, no weekends or vacation time . You have the choice to make it a wonderful work environment and have joy fill your heart on a day to day basis. You also have the choice to make it a miserable work environment filled with unhappiness. Just remember your choices impact your student and the rest of the world because in the end the lessons you teach and the navigating you do affects the generations that follow.

Don’t allow your personal disputes, your bad experiences scar the generation to follow. Don’t allow your misunderstanding, your mistakes and your wrong turns mold the little person you are teaching to be your revenge. You are only creating a monster out of the innocent. Keep in mind your decisions from this day forward is creating the next cycle of life. Why ruin it with your bitterness.

Be thankful. Be happy. Be loving. Be trusting. Be kind. Create beauty in places of ugliness and happiness in places once harboring pain.

Never forget that the career path you’ve set upon is not one to take lightly. The payment isn’t measurable currency. It isn’t earned appreciation  You won’t receive an award in the form of a plaque or certificate. You will receive an occasional ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’ along the way but that isn’t to be an expectation. Expect nothing besides a life long journey filled with hills and valleys.   Your payment is the unconditional love returned to you and the knowledge that you did your best to navigate your ward in the best direction possible for them to achieve the happiness that we all deserve, filled with stability and sustainable contentment.

It escapes me how this isn’t understood. It boggles my mind to no end how this isn’t taken as seriously as it very well should be. Regardless of others lack of care I choose to devote my life to the building of a foundation for my children to build upon that will weather any storm. You should do the same!


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… about children, I know its always about children with me. What can I say my life is nothing but my kids. Moving on, I want another baby. I don’t know why I almost think its some kind of addiction. Realistically its a crazy idea. We have two very well behaved children, that aren’t very far apart in age which makes it twice the work, twice the craziness and probably about three times the monetary cost. Then the flip side its a million more times the love, countless more laughs and innumerable memories to treasure. I have a list of pros and cons a mile long. One side is obviously longer then the other. Yet I can’t help but remember the amazing feeling of having a new baby, feeding them from my own bosoms. The new cuddles and secret moments stolen at that three in the morning feeding; the sleep grins and best of all the new little life held in your arms, so innocent and beautiful.


To add to the mix is the unbelievable bond siblings have. I swear my children have a secret language only they understand. It’s amazing to witness. I can only imagine the introduction of another brother or sister into the mix will yield. Jaciel tries to protect her brother, hold her brother, feed him and even attempts to change him. Obviously I don’t allow it because she’ isn’t mama but it doesn’t make the idea of her wanting to less cute.

Ugh… I want a new baby to add to my crew. I’m crazed.

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