Life Perceived by Me

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on March 10, 2013

… about children, I know its always about children with me. What can I say my life is nothing but my kids. Moving on, I want another baby. I don’t know why I almost think its some kind of addiction. Realistically its a crazy idea. We have two very well behaved children, that aren’t very far apart in age which makes it twice the work, twice the craziness and probably about three times the monetary cost. Then the flip side its a million more times the love, countless more laughs and¬†innumerable memories to treasure. I have a list of pros and cons a mile long. One side is obviously longer then the other. Yet I can’t help but remember the amazing feeling of having a new baby, feeding them from my own bosoms. The new cuddles and secret moments stolen at that three in the morning feeding; the sleep grins and best of all the new little life held in your arms, so innocent and beautiful.


To add to the mix is the unbelievable bond siblings have. I swear my children have a secret language only they understand. It’s amazing to witness. I can only imagine the introduction of another brother or sister into the mix will yield. Jaciel tries to protect her brother, hold her brother, feed him and even attempts to change him. Obviously I don’t allow it because she’ isn’t mama but it doesn’t make the idea of her wanting to less cute.

Ugh… I want a new baby to add to my crew. I’m crazed.


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