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on December 14, 2013

Oh the end of a pregnancy, leaves me wondering every time why I am doing this a third time. Although it surely leaves me with no doubt this will be my final time. I am so exhausted, my body is just done. I have no doubt that I love my babies but the gestation period for me leaves a lot to be desired.

On another note our beautiful near three year old is so excited she can’t stop announcing to nearly everyone how she has a sister in her Mama’s belly. Its such a wonderful feeling to see her excitement. Its a wonderful feeling to hear her talk about how she is going to help out, read her books and sing her songs when she arrives. Nikolay is too young to understand but his daycare center has a couple little infants and report his attempts to give them kisses and tries to comfort them when they become upset by bringing them toys or patting them. They tell me how gentle he attempts to be and typically successfully. Its so great to hear. I think hearing Jaciel and the reports regarding Nikolay’s interaction with the smaller infants makes me glad they are all so close in age. Although the struggles that are going to come with a 1.5 year old, 3 year old and new born are not lost upon me. I know it won’t last too long.

Well this isn’t going to be a long post, I am one tired lady and need to sleep as much as I can. Well as much as this little girl in my belly allows me. Olena Rose is a bit of a a mover and a shaker rendering sleep a struggle. Not to mention finding a comfortable position. I just keep telling myself after all is said and down its worth it. It really is.

Good night for the time being and I hope to write more soon, and much more interesting posts.



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