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It Seems Like All a Blur

on December 22, 2013

We all talk about how time just speeds by and how we should stop and smell the roses. I am having such a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that our eldest is going to be three years old next month. Three years old, where was I? It seems like I somehow missed it but I know I didn’t. Every sleepless night, I was there. Every tear shed and gassy tummy, I didn’t miss a day. Yet somehow it all seems too fast. I know it just keeps going and time will scurry by, eventually our eldest will be an adult and our youngest will be grown as well. I can only imagine how I am going to feel when we get there being at this very moment the age of three is giving me heart palpitations and  our youngest is still in my belly at least for a few more weeks.

Having children is the most satisfying experience I’ve ever ventured upon. The most challenging career I could have ever chosen. One of the most unique paths I’ve ever taken has been the path leading to the discovery of each beautiful personality belonging to these little human beings that I personally incubated giving my own blood to nourish to make sure they flourished.  I can’t see my life being different and I don’t believe that this amazement will ever wash away or be lost in the years that speed by so quickly. The difficult days seem overwhelming while being experienced but when I glance back everything seems so trivial compared to the wonders of these little people just existing.

I am so thankful for the person I’ve chosen to be flaws and all. Our children have been my best blessing transforming me into such a different person and regardless of others opinions I think for once in my life I truly like this person.

  • Jaciel Polina 01.24.11
  • Nikolay Nathaniel 07.10.12
  • Olena Rose est. due date 02.12.2014

4 responses to “It Seems Like All a Blur

  1. T. D. Davis says:

    They do transform us, don’t they? And if you’re having a hard time with three, try wrapping your brain around 17! It’s not right. Where did his whole childhood go??

    • augustmidge says:

      I don’t even want to think about 17. Doesn’t it feel like you missed something or I don’t know….. totally bittersweet!

      • T. D. Davis says:

        Completely bittersweet. But he’s a great guy; so the sweet end is pretty heavy. 🙂

      • augustmidge says:

        That is wonderful. Jaciel, our daughter is growing into a very smart, advanced, empathetic (she asked me today if I was tired and offered to tuck me into bed, and her and her baby brother had a hugging war because she said it would make him happy) little person, its beautiful. Yet as things go part of me wants to shelter her from the crazy world she is going to face as time goes one. I know I can’t and really I wouldn’t want to because the pros that come with the cons but … parenting can just be so hard.

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