Life Perceived by Me

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Who I Am.

In a world where education seems to have failed us, morals no longer exist, safety is based on how fast  you can run or who has the bigger gun, trust is a thing read about in fairy tales and the food you eat may just kill you I am trying to raise a family. What a job and a half that is!

I am attempting to build a solid foundation for my children to build upon. Providing a safe, loving environment where communication, honesty, trust is a feat that consumes me. My perception of the world around me is colored with crayons of red, blue, green and yellow. Trying not to allow my fears to create a helicopter mom out of me is a challenge.

I am looking for humanity in the world and grasping for some hope to hold onto that this place I eventually must release my beautiful babies into has something to give back to them that can be described without depending on only four letter words.

I am a thinker, an observer, a researcher but most of all I am a mom.



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