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Frustration & Friendship

Has this month been a pain?

Well yes it sure has!

Do I want it to hurry up and come to a close?


This month has been stressful with some days ending in sobs. I have been so depressed in these last weeks that I know if it wasn’t for my beautiful children and this little girl in my belly I would be mentally unstable enough to need medical assistance. However as much as my family is the cause of my victory over this crappy month its also probably part of the cause. Pregnancy sure does make  a woman feel out of control of her emotions and unable to find a decent middle ground.

Yet as much as this month has yielded me trouble and stress I think I have made some friends. I met some wonderful people this month. I love it when new and wonderful individuals walk into my life and paint my bleak looking canvas with bright beautiful colors. When this takes place I am reminded how wonderful the world can be even when most of the time it doesn’t seem too wonderful.

Out of this crazy month good has come of it. Even in the bleakest of moments there is a sparkle as long as you look hard enough and sometimes, you don’t have to look hard at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is the Year

I’ve decided to make changes to my life this year. I’ve already started to look more into finding a fitting religion to help me build a solid foundation for our children. I am also planning to start down the path to a Vegan lifestyle. I am starting with the food in our home. The eighth of every month is grocery day. Therefore the eighth is the DAY that our Vegan life is going to begin.

I make jokes about this entire decision. My husband has this love of food documentaries. I always moan when he brings yet another one up on Netflix for us to watch but secretly love them. This time I picked out one, it was called Vegucated. I tell him that all his video’s are now backfiring on him because he to is becoming a vegan along with me.


As you can see from the trailer above its about becoming vegan and learning about all the benefits in choosing this particular lifestyle. I have always leaned towards being more of an herbivore then an omnivore naturally. Meat is heavy and hard to digest. It never had settled well with me. The ethical front. I’ve never had so much of an issue with killing an animal humanely after providing a safe natural life for them that is equally as humane. Giving them respect because of what they are so graciously providing for us. However the horrible lives that are given these animals is beyond inhumane. Examples are how they grind baby chicks up alive and discard them, the cattle in the dairy’s and beef cattle are neglected, they aren’t given any vet care and are left to die if they are ill. Talk about in humane. Even the collection of fish, its just cruel. I can’t get the images out of my mind. Prior to this I had some issues with the treatment of farm animals, such as the fact that cattle are forced to sit, lay and walk around in there own feces without a blade of fresh grass to be seen. Then the rumors that they are feeding cows, which are vegetarian by nature bone meal which is evil. Now I have even more images in my mind that make it difficult for me to even look at a dairy.

I just wish I had someone to walk me through this process. So I know what to buy on grocery day. I wish I had a friend to help me create a collection of recipes to do for my family so this transition won’t be too shocking for them.


Why am I doing all this, well I want to be alive and as healthy as possible for my family. I want to watch my children grow and develop. I want to see them get married and provide me with grandchildren if they choose. Its bad enough that medically I’ll likely be wheelchair bound by my mid to late forties. I do this for myself and for my family.

Wish me luck! I have my concerns. I am worried about the economic effects this will have on my family and the nutritional balance for my children. I am in no way worried that it can’t be done I am just worried that I won’t do it right. I am going to do this!

In a few months I hope to be starting to also become gluten free.